Friday, June 4, 2010

Nettles...and Old Royal

I've started my old Morgan Royal on Nettles herbal extract. How did I decide on Nettles....well...he told me that's what he needed.
I've been practicing applied kinesiology I learned from Rose Czyrny from Body Glyphix studio (google if you like more info)...and I asked him what he needed and that's what came to mind. Not trusting myself yet with this new tool, I waited over two weeks to try it, then I did. I was not sure how much to give him so again I asked him using the applied Kinseology and he told me, 30 drops 4 times a day. Still not trusting myself, I give it to him three.
After being on it for a little over a week, I've noticed a difference in his gate. It's freer and he doesn't have as much of a hitch when he trots. He even kicks at flies easier. I mainly wanted to start him on something just so it was easier for him to get up...and I think it is.
Soon I'll start him on Willow Bark too...and I will ask him again, how much he needs..
So good old Royal is kind of my Guinea pig, as I use this new tool of applied kinesiology and a few herbal remedies, therefore seeing a awesome! He's such a good old horse and I want him to be comfortable...who could ask for anything more, except maybe turn back the clock for him and let him be young again...because as a youngster, he was magnificent!
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