Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Universe can change things in second From newletter 3/21/2012

Hello From Herbs & Things

Anyone who's lived life, knows the universe can change things in a second, minute, hour...or two hours.
5 AM Old Royal, 40 Years old, was happy, whinnying to get his new hay, drinking his water, and anticipationg getting his grain.
6:45 AM, he is down and cannot get up, and though old, until that moment he was not having a problem getting up. In fact the day before I had brushed him getting all the mud off from him playing in the mud.

He struggled, he fought, he hollered because he was mad he could not get up and try with all his didn't happen.
8:30 AM the decision is made because knowing this horse as I did... if he's not getting up, that means he cannot...9:30 AM...Old Royal is put to rest. Later that morning, and the universe again was kind becasue Rick was home for just one day before leaving for Nevada, we were talking and laughing about things Royal had done in the almost 30 years he lived here...when I was directed to read a page in my journal, and that page dog earred for what ever reason, was from two years ago, gave conformation the decision to put him to rest was correct.
The entry was on May 18th 2010, titled, "Royal messed with my mind today...stinker", and at the end of tne entry...I wrote...
" Today was proof, if the day ever comes, that Royal cannot get up will be the day, he is to be put down, because no matter what, if he can he will, no matter how old he is, I know he will always have the heart and mind to get himself up... this is just the way he is... a fighter. I am to remember this, if there comes a time Royal struggles to get up and will be time. "
We don't know what happened, it wasn't colic, it was far to quick. We figure something drastic inside must have happened, like an anuisum or a rupture. We are sad, but greif there is none. Royal had a good long life...and we were previeldge we were choosen to have this magnificant horse. I purchased him for my husband for his birthday back in the early 80's, when we had gone to haul a horse for someone else, and by 'chance' we saw this beautiful horse in the killer pen. Killer pen meaning, going for slaughter. Going for slaughter because he'd bring a good dollar. It was sad one reason he was in the killer pen he was, fat, shiney, meaty, and meat prices were high. But he was also in there because he was an untrained,10-12 year old stallion with a lot of energy.
It was about 3 days after we saw him and my husband kept saying over and over..."I really like that horse . That horse is special..I really like that horse" m,,,that,, th that I called, hoping I wasn't to late to have the guy take him from the killer pen, and I hooked the trailer up and with $400 in hadn, I ran over and brought him home as a surprise for my husband.
Thus, Royal came here to live and be one of the best horses we ever owned. A horse with the most heart of any horse that's graced this barn. He was like a wild Spirit that was the epitamoey of he allowed us to ride him. You know like in the movie, The Man from Snowy River, the stallion that let the young man ride him...that was Royal.
I've loved all the horse I've had, but he was probably one the most maginifanct animals I have ever could just feel that specialness, energy, power and spirit when ever you put your leg over him. Rick rode many horse working at Circle T and the Ranch and he said he'd never riddien a horse that could compare to Royal's speed, heart and willinglness to allow us humans to ride him:)
So when people say, my you are handling this well...I tell them, I am not sad really about his passing, it was guick and he did not suffer... I am grateful that we were blessed to have him as part of our life and to be able to share and feel his 'spirit'.
There are many good memories of the horse from the killer pen, for both Rick and I, but one of which when he'd be out in the pasture, I'd stand along side of him, grab his mane, and we'd run, together through the grass, moslty it was I had to hang on tight, because he'd wisked away above the grass on the air of his spirit and he would show me what it was like to be able to run like the wind, then stop and let my feet touch the ground again.
He is buried with his head facing North toward the Medicine Wheel as my husband put it, he can run with the wind, and every day I walk the Wheel he will be running along side of me and he and I can run through the grasses together where he can wisk me feet off the ground only to let me touch down again...:)

To all of you that have sent well wish and prayers...My sister is holding her own. Thank you all for well wishes and prayers you are sending her way. She told me, she told the doctors, they better get their running shoes on because she's not ready to give up...they better know their stuff, have lots of stamina, because she's fighting and they better help her..:)

Be well
Laugh often
Love large
Dig in the dirt
Grow a garden
and may the sun light your way
Herbs & Things

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Marty...he's such a ---

For about two months I've been trying to figure out what Marty (the horse) was telling me he needed to make his deformed, I am sure, painful knees easier to live with. I was getting frustrated that all I heard is something that sounded like Cal-solomide? HUH? What the heck is Calsolomide?
Feeling like I exhausted all avenues, Wednesday after one of the lectures I asked Linda K, if she'd spend some time with Marty. Maybe she could understand him. She said yes. The next morning while taking a shower (yep, Kellie's connection tank) I was told to write Cal-solomide backwards, which I did. I cannot recall the series of events which took me to what I found, but I found two things....Salicylamide & Calcitonin . which describes exactly what he'd need. The Cal is an abbreviation for the Calcitonin. The dilemma, they are drugs I did not want to use. So...I went out to the barn and asked Marty if this is what he meant? The answer was yes. I then said (mentally) "There has to be an herb that will do this for you".
His answer..."of course there is...Turmeric."
"Turmeric"? I yelled out. "Why didn't you tell me that two months ago. I have it in the shop. I could have been giving it to you, instead of you taking the LONG way around it all.
Why didn't you simply tell my Turmeric in the first place?"
What happened next made me cry. He put is nose up to my face, breath hard in my ear and I heard, "I wanted to see if you cared enough about me to be persistent to find out what I was asking for."
"Marty of course I care about you but you make if very difficult because you act like an ass so much of the time, but of course I care about you."
As he was still reaching his head out, letting his breath softly brush my cheek, I mentally said, "ok if we really just had this conversation, then you have to step forward and place you head on my shoulder.
He did.
I patted him, and said, "See, you ARE an ass". He hugged my shoulder tighter with his head.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Howdy's Adventures

Do I get to go out side today?

I'm out now what do I do?

Can they see me?

That's not nice making faces at me

Coolin off AFTER

Auntie Kellie was riding me

         Whew...I need a nap under the Hawthorn Tree...Heidi does this too~zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz               
Rolling would be much easier if I had four legs

I'm thristy. If I had legs, it would be easier to drink

OK How come they keep running from I smell? Do I look funny?
Do I have bad breath, or don't they want to be friends?

I'm IN from Out side..It was fun

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Am I really getting it?

Applied Kinesiology is a method of allowing your body to tell you what is good or not good for you. Or what and how much you need or don’t need of something. If you get Herbs & Things weekly emails you know I’ve been practicing, and learning how to use the Applied Kinesiology method, that Rose Cyzrny taught at a lecture at Herbs & Things a few months ago.

I’ve limited my practicing of this method to myself and then one day I took it one stop further, trying it on my old horse Royal. In all actuality, he is helping to teach me. He’s a wise old horse, I believe who had been running wild when we got him from the killer pen 28 years ago. So who better to teach me than a horse that knows what roots and herbs that will help him.

Royal is, Cushingoid, and gets Pergolide suspension every day to keep his Cushings in check. Recently his hair started getting longer again, (a symptom of cushings), but when I give him the full 1 cc dose of Pergolide he gets lethargic and stiff, making it even more difficult for him to get up from laying down. Going on out a limb, I put my hand on his neck, used the applied kinesiology, closed my eyes and asked him to tell me where to adjust the dose to, so that he loses his hair, but does not get stiff. Very specific .8.8 cc’s. I adjusted it to that and his long hair is coming out, without more stiffness or him getting lethargic.

But let me go back a few weeks ago. Using the Applied Kinesiology, I asked him what he needed for his joints…’he then told me’ Nettles, (post below). Then I asked with the Applied Kinesiology if his body wanted White Willow Bark, (a natural aspirin without aspirin side effects), and it said yes. Using the Kinesiology I asked how much of the White Willow he needed…30 drops 2x’s a day. It does make him feel better. Now a few weeks later, he no longer wants the Nettles. With the applied Kinesiology, he lets me know how much and when to give him the Willow Bark, to keep him comfortable ( which is no longer everyday).

A couple weeks ago, I got brave and took it a step farther… Resting my open hand on his neck, closing my eyes I asked him what else he needs to help make him more comfortable with his Cushing’s disease and what I got was….Enzyme 3.

I frowned, what the heck is enzyme 3? That’s out there, but so specific. I thought my mind was just rambling. But Enzyme 3….I never heard of it or knew there was such a thing, because I know nothing about enzymes other than you body needs them.
I figured it couldn’t hurt if I researched and what I found, by skimming the surface of the enzyme world, because it is confusing place, that apparently, Enzyme 3 is in the class 3 enzymes associated with metabolic issues and digestion. Cushing’s is a metabolic disease. Enzymes also help remove drug buildup in the cells so the body can function better. Royal’s been on Pergolide for about 5 years.

Also with Cushings, his body can’t metabolize starches and carbohydrates…he is diabetic. And what enzyme helps diabetics maintain carb levels and digest and use their foods better, but Amylase…..a class 3 enzyme. Hmm he knows more than me I guess, or my spirit guide is guiding us both. Where else would Enzyme 3 come from?

Therefore, I ordered Masterzyme from New Sun, which labels amylase as the first ingredient. I started Royal on it July 2nd 2010. I did applied kinesiology to see how much he wanted, and what I got was ½ teaspoon 2 times a day.

I think one thing I find most intriguing about this, is that when I asked if I should discontinue his Pergolide medicine and just go with herbs, the answer was no. His body needs the Western Medicine Pergolide. So if the enzymes and white willow work along with the Pergolide to make his quality of life better, it is a perfect example of where, Eastern and Western medicines are working together.

I’ll let you know if it works for old Royal and if I did ‘hear’ him correctly


Friday, June 4, 2010

Nettles...and Old Royal

I've started my old Morgan Royal on Nettles herbal extract. How did I decide on Nettles....well...he told me that's what he needed.
I've been practicing applied kinesiology I learned from Rose Czyrny from Body Glyphix studio (google if you like more info)...and I asked him what he needed and that's what came to mind. Not trusting myself yet with this new tool, I waited over two weeks to try it, then I did. I was not sure how much to give him so again I asked him using the applied Kinseology and he told me, 30 drops 4 times a day. Still not trusting myself, I give it to him three.
After being on it for a little over a week, I've noticed a difference in his gate. It's freer and he doesn't have as much of a hitch when he trots. He even kicks at flies easier. I mainly wanted to start him on something just so it was easier for him to get up...and I think it is.
Soon I'll start him on Willow Bark too...and I will ask him again, how much he needs..
So good old Royal is kind of my Guinea pig, as I use this new tool of applied kinesiology and a few herbal remedies, therefore seeing a awesome! He's such a good old horse and I want him to be comfortable...who could ask for anything more, except maybe turn back the clock for him and let him be young again...because as a youngster, he was magnificent!
Trot on

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Games that Old Farts Play

Monday I started mowing the paths for the Meditative and Medicine Wheel Gardens. It came to me after worrying about mowing it all, that paths for people to walk upon and if I fill in the un-mown spaces with wild flowers and trees will work great. Thank you… ‘The Voice’.

Anyhow, I was mowing part of the path going south in the field, with the intention of mowing a circle where I think the Medicine Wheel will go.  I looked towards the pasture by the house where Royal and Marty were turned out, to see Marty running around, but no Royal. I shielded my eyes from the sun and let the tractor and mower continue its job of mowing, in search for Royal. I cannot see him.

Where can he be I wonder, still letting the tractor and finishing mower continue while my eyes searched for the old guy, hoping he’d not fallen in the creek upside down again like two years ago, because he ducked under the fence, decided to climb the bank out and then fell backwards. Yes it was a scary moment.

Finally, when I'm almost done with the path….I see Royal…he’s rolling, and rolling, and rolling. He is the wettest part of the pasture…he rolls some more. Often he needs to rest a minute after his vigorous rolls before he gets himself up. I usually wait and eventually he gets up with little effort.

I watch, He lies down, he lies up, he lies flat, he lies up. Hmmm I wonder is he stuck maybe he can’t get himself up because the ground is to soft. So I decide not to go back to mowing but go over and see if he needs help.

Still in the big field, I shut the mower off, turn the idle down on the tractor, he hears me, perks up his ears, and watches me as I drive out of the field. Coming from behind the pine trees on the road, I can see he is still down, ears perked. He watches me drive down Hayes Hollow, into the drive of the barn, around the corner to the house, where I stop to park the tractor. I look; he’s still lying there, watching me, still with ears perked. I turn my head to shut the tractor down and lower the mower. Its only a couple seconds time when I turn back to look at Royal, all the time thinking, how I am going to get him out of there.

He’s gone.

What…where is he? I get off the tractor, walk towards the pasture, leaning to peer around the shed, thinking my location is off, no all I see is an indentation of where he was…but where his he? I walk farther down the hill of the lawn and look around the corner of the house and there he his, soaking wet from rolling in the wet spot, eating grass. I say… “You old fart, how’d you do that, get up and there so quick? And here I thought you were stuck, to tired and to old to get up. What was I thinking”.

With his ears perked and his sides expanding huge with a big intake of air, he bellows out a whinny, as if to say, “Na, Na, Nana…fooled ya…I wasn’t stuck at all”, and started eating grass, peering at me from the corner of his eye, with what seemed to be a smirk on his gray muzzle.

I smiled with a warm fuzzy feeling inside towards him… “You silly old fart…I love you and your huge hearted personality”, and walked over and gave his muddy wet neck a hug…he hugged back.

I can make a General in five minutes but a good horse is hard to replace.
Abraham Lincoln
1809-1865, Sixteenth President of the USA

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arnica...or not

Tuesday, April 20th, I watched my 38 year old horse Royal in the pasture, stiffly walking around. My heart felt sad. His one hind leg is giving him trouble, causing pain from arthritis and muscle spasms in the hip, making it difficult for him get up and sometimes merely walk. He no longer seems his happy self. So, I made a decision that would kill him or make him feel better.

I've recently started to learn about homeopathy and decided try giving him Arnica. I went into the pasture, and gave him four tablets. Then watched for side effects. He's on Pergolide for cushings. Within 10 minutes I saw an improvement. He's was more comfortable.

I continued with 3 more doses that day, and  again four times the next. Starting Thursday, he's been getting four tablets twice a day. 5 AM and 5 PM. I will do this until Tuesday, April week.

 I've seen a marked improvement, not only in his walking ability, but his whole attitude. He's happier and brighter, somewhat like when he was younger. When I gave him Bute, it did not have this affect on him and I worried about his stomach also with the Bute.

Words cannot explain how thrilled I am the Arnica is working. He looks 10 years younger.
Thank-you Kathy Crone/Pipecreek Farms & B&B for introducing me to Homeopathy!

Remember though, this is not a replacement for your veterinarian...this is an alternative and or, additional source to make your Equine friend more comfortable. For Royal it worked.