Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Marty...he's such a ---

For about two months I've been trying to figure out what Marty (the horse) was telling me he needed to make his deformed, I am sure, painful knees easier to live with. I was getting frustrated that all I heard is something that sounded like Cal-solomide? HUH? What the heck is Calsolomide?
Feeling like I exhausted all avenues, Wednesday after one of the lectures I asked Linda K, if she'd spend some time with Marty. Maybe she could understand him. She said yes. The next morning while taking a shower (yep, Kellie's connection tank) I was told to write Cal-solomide backwards, which I did. I cannot recall the series of events which took me to what I found, but I found two things....Salicylamide & Calcitonin . which describes exactly what he'd need. The Cal is an abbreviation for the Calcitonin. The dilemma, they are drugs I did not want to use. So...I went out to the barn and asked Marty if this is what he meant? The answer was yes. I then said (mentally) "There has to be an herb that will do this for you".
His answer..."of course there is...Turmeric."
"Turmeric"? I yelled out. "Why didn't you tell me that two months ago. I have it in the shop. I could have been giving it to you, instead of you taking the LONG way around it all.
Why didn't you simply tell my Turmeric in the first place?"
What happened next made me cry. He put is nose up to my face, breath hard in my ear and I heard, "I wanted to see if you cared enough about me to be persistent to find out what I was asking for."
"Marty of course I care about you but you make if very difficult because you act like an ass so much of the time, but of course I care about you."
As he was still reaching his head out, letting his breath softly brush my cheek, I mentally said, "ok if we really just had this conversation, then you have to step forward and place you head on my shoulder.
He did.
I patted him, and said, "See, you ARE an ass". He hugged my shoulder tighter with his head.


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